Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Typografic fest - Soho Factory, Warsaw, Poland

This Typografic Festival was held during the Need For Street design fair on 16th and 17th of June 2012

Soho Factory, Warsaw

Exhibition - typografic posters

Exhibition - "SOHO" made by joung polish artists

Some artworks from this will be exhibited permanently at Soho gallery in Warsaw.

by Magda Bielecka

by Michalina Zakrocka ♥ Michał Zakrocki

by Krzysztof Zdunkiewicz

by Tomek Goluch
by Agnieszka Olszewska
by Kasia Nowak

TYPO ZONE for kids

"What's your type?" by Panato Photo

results to be seen here - soon!